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You will receive a confirmation email to join the BDSM Romance Book Club. Once you click the confirm link, you will be sent an email with a link to the current book. You will also be added to the BDSM Romance Book Club list so you’ll get all subsequent BDSM book emails.

I missed a month. Is there any way I can get that book?
Only the current month’s book is available for immediate download, sorry! But we’ve got you. At the end of the year, we’ll send out an email with a way to get any books you missed. Keep an eye out for our email!

I’m having a problem downloading a book.
We use a service called BookFunnel to deliver our books. It may take a few steps depending on your reading device. If you have trouble, just tap the Help link at the top of the book download page and they can assist you in loading the book on to your device.

I’m already signed up. How do I get this month’s book?
Watch for the BDSM Romance Book Club email in the first week of every month! (We might have ended up in your spam folder. Gah! If that happens, please add admin@bdsmromancebookclub.com to your safe list for incoming emails.) If you’ve misplaced our email, no worries! You can always re-enter your email address on the sign up form to get the link to the current month’s book. As long as you use the same email you signed up with, you won’t be signed up twice to the book club.

Who are the BDSM Romance Book Club authors for 2021?
L. Steele
Livia Grant
E.M. Gayle
Alta Hensley
Julia Sykes
Blair Babylon
Marie Tuhart
Tara Crescent
Daniela Romero
Jane Henry
Ainsley Booth
Elizabeth SaFleur

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